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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my machine start at the beginning of every season?
99% of the work that comes in has a varnished carb. You can prevent this by draining all of the fuel from the machine at the end of the season. It’s as simple as starting the machine and letting it run itself dry. Never use fuel that has been sitting for over three months.
I have a 2-cycle engine. How much oil do I mix with the gas?
Two cycle engines have a 50:1 ratio. Always mix 2.6 ounces per one gallon of gas.
How do I prevent flooding my machine on start-up?
Prevent flooding your machine by only pressing the primer bulb one or two times. If you’re primer happy, you will flood your engine and make it hard to start.
How do I know if my machine is under warranty?
After you purchase your machine it is covered under warrenty for two years. We have a 6 month warrenty for any issues that we have previously repaired.